A Friday in the souq


The Souq Waqif in Doha can be a light and shadow show at the right time of the day. It has a rustic retro look that has been immaculately maintained by the government. It was even better a few years ago when the decision was made to let in some ‘current’ logos to be installed. Philips still maintains the old logo, a nice throwback touch.


The long corridors of the souq is all about linear patterns crowned with the islamic arch.


The numerous bell hops in the Souq (its a licensed job) also pose freely for the tourists.


Falcon trapping and hunting using them is almost a national pasttime for the Qataris. Falcons have their own passports and some of them cost upwards of a million quid!

Picture of the day


I made a quick stop at the Museum of Islamic Arts Park, Doha this Saturday trying to bide some time. The weekly art market was in full flow and a glorious sunset was bathing the city in a beautiful light.



The museum never ceases to amaze, as an extraordinary building on the shores of the city. I M Pei will be long remembered for giving an icon to this city.