Florence Diaries. Day-22.


Today I went on a field-trip to Lucca. Lucca is a walled city, built as a large fortress. It has medieval walls as well as walls pertaining to the Renaissance period that are thicker, mainly to withstand shelling from cannons. Lucca is a cozy town very much like Venice, sans the water. The town center is built on the ruins of an amphitheatre and so is, for a change, circular.


The intensity of tourists is high but not to the stratospheric levels found in Florence. After some time you tend to appreciate cities that have less tourists.


Mobile garden!


The locals somehow get by with the throng of tourists and I guess they appreciate the Euros that are spent by them in the shops.


A antiques fair was in full flow in Lucca as we arrived and a wide range of stuff ranging from complete dinner tables to tiny trinkets were on offer. I have been looking for an old portable typewriter that works. Sadly I couldn’t find any. All of them were large and heavy and the one portable typewriter that was available wasn’t working. It also had Gaelic characters.



Straight out from the walls.



It was a warm and muggy day with no breeze and high temperatures.


Contemplating on a late cup of coffee.

Florence Diaries. Day-20.


The Galleria dell’ Academia is where the famed David by Michaelangelo is displayed in Florence. The museum is also house to a large collection of plaster casts of some of the greatest sculptures in history. A walk in the hall and you’d know the great masters had a good knowledge of the human anatomy.


The pigeons in the streets of Firenze (as any other tourist city) are not afraid of humans and get quite close to people. Children have a great time chasing pigeons.


Nothing like sharing dinner with your loving brother. I once had a kebab with a friend on the streets of Firenze and I vowed never to have a kebab (called shawarma in other parts of the Arabian world) in Firenze. It ranks as the worst food I have had in Italy, ever!


A family enjoying its evening on the pavement playing cards (kinda obvious!).

Florence Diaries. Day-18.


Firenze, Summer 2014

Didn’t do any digital photography today. Spent most of the time in the lab processing film and enlarging prints. When it come to my color work, abstract expressionism is the movement that comes to my mind that explains what I try to express. Allora! That’s my abstract expressionist version of Firenze. Fault lines and all.

Florence Diaries. Day-17.


Took an early morning walk on the streets of Florence before the city was fully awake, welcoming the flurry of tourists that quickly fill the streets. It is a different city that is owned by the pigeons.




The Mercato Neuvo (famed for the bronze cast Il Porcellino) gets ready for its morning makeover from a covered hall to a bustling leather market.


The early morning parade of shop wagons snaking through Piazza Signoria will all end up in the Mercato Neuvo.


The passage under the Vasari corridor gets a moment of solitude in the wee hours of the day.