At the Mall

I like to photograph people while they are a little relaxed, even while they are posing. This is really tiring to the subject as they keep posing and I do not hit the shutter. Even if I do, I keep shooting until they tire and pose more naturally. My kids do not want me to photograph them anymore! My son starts showing funny faces and I still keep clicking anyway. Nowadays he starts to run around the house when he sees me with the camera! One of these days I am going to post a series of funny faces he makes.

This is my nephew, who is rather shy to pose for photos. A few clicks and that’s all he would let you try. You need to really work fast when you photograph kids.

I think the photo was snapped using Panasonic GF1 with the legendary Zeiss Contax G 45mm F/2 lens. Someone please make a good adapter for the lens on M43.

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