Jazz at the Doha Ladies Open

The ‘WTA Qatar Ladies Open’ tennis tournament is back and it is time for the annual pilgrimage. Ever since I came to Doha, I have never missed a single Tennis tournament held here. Well, yes, I did miss the ATP Men’s tournament in January. More on that in a separate post.

Qatar provides the best value for money of any tournaments held around the world. You pay roughly $5 per day to watch the matches from the middle or upper tiers of the Center Court. Mind you, it’s a small stadium and the view is pretty close. More than that, you can get a ringside view of the matches held in the side courts.

There are numerous entertainment activities performed for all age groups. Last year I took a spin on the F1-simulator! This year I enjoyed the live performance by ‘Doha Jazz’ the most. It is a lively international ensemble that performs regularly in Doha. The performance last evening was fantastic and I enjoyed their rendition of ‘Summertime’.

This picture is that of Mary Rambau crooning to a handful of listeners last evening. A handful because one of the closely fought matches of the tournament was underway in Center Court. It was great for fans like me as it provides an opportunity to get close and enjoy the music as well as interact with the troupe. I am looking forward to their next public performance.

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