Right at the beginning!

First off, I would like to thank M F Husain, rightfully called the Picasso of India, for letting me capture images of him at work. At 97, he is peerless. He has this fantastic work ethic that I admire and feel jealous about. It is usual to see him start work at 5:00 AM on most days.

I was privileged to watch him work on “Their Colors Are Qatari”, an event that brought ten resident Qatari artists to work under a single roof in the very-retro-and-chic Souq Waqif. Husain is an abstract artist and once the vision has developed in his mind it is all there on the canvas within a few short hours. In all its blazing colors.

This photo was shot at the very moment a ‘vision’ started leaving his mind, and through his hands, moved to the canvas. After all, art has life!

One thought on “Right at the beginning!

  1. Loved ur timing of capturing the Art of the Master of Art ! I can c a another great artist in the making in U.

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