Aspire Park, Doha

A little retro looking park lights.

I like to experiment with multiple tools to edit my photos, but the bulk of the work is in GIMP and Picasa. I love these two tools. They are both free, and the similarities end there. Picasa is fun to use. GIMP, needs a little learning. But it’s worth the learning. Anyone who like to use Picasa, please turn on ‘Use Color Management’  in the ‘view’ menu if you are playing with AdobeRGB or else your pictures will look over-saturated (too much color) for the rest of the world and appear perfectly fine on your PC! If you have come thus far you probably know why you shoot AdobeRGB. And you probably don’t muck around with Picasa.

This snap was shot in Aspire Park, a large park attached to Aspire Sports Academy in Doha, Qatar. The looming tower at the background is the Aspire tower, which held the flame of the Asian Games 2006.

It is a pretty ordinary photo. Shot at around 5:30 PM a month ago. Twilight time. I just warmed up the image in Picasa after conversion to B&W in GIMP.

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