Tell me your dreams

Tell me your dreams.

I got delivery of my first professional 35mm film camera in the form of the celebrated Minolta X570. I latched a 50mm F/1.4 Minolta prime lens to the front and loaded my first roll of Kodak Gold color film. Sorry, no Fuji Velvia or other exotic films here in Qatar. Looks like I have to widen my search. Finished the roll before I could count ten. Next time I need to be careful.

The images came out warm and very well saturated with high contrast. Welcome change to the digital world. The long wait for the development and scanning process can be painful though. I can see myself blowing a fortune shooting film in a very retro way. Nothing beats the dynamic range of film. The scanners can be, well, to put it mildly ‘not up to the mark’.

I ran all my favorite b&w conversion processes to check the output. GIMP wins it hands down. There is so much control available, you can create nearly all that you can dream of. This is the output from split-toning the image to its component parts and moving around some layers. My recipe: Trash blue. Move green over red. Change the layer type of green to overlay and play with the transparency level oto suit your style. You can then merge the layers and play with the level controls if you have lots of time.

As usual, my son posed for a few snaps, grudgingly. He started bringing all kinds of his favorite objects to the shoot. He wanted me to shoot every one of them. This shot is with his favorite bike. Toy that is. Got lucky with the timing. There are no objects in his room without a racing theme.

Now, tell me your dreams.

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