The Lone Sentinel


I just came back from a week-long visit to my hometown in India. As I shuttled back and forth from my home and the nearby town, I noticed this lone acacia tree in a large paddy field, all by itself. The tree appeared pretty dramatic from the cab with sinuous branches and few leaves. I decided to pay a visit one of the evenings and try and capture this tree using my camera.

I freed myself up one evening and paid a visit to the field with a friend. It was post-harvest time and all the fields were free of any crop. We were free to wander around and select the angle for the shot we liked. Time was running out as it was about sunset and we had to hurry. I shot quite a few frames from different angles.

The little blackbird perched up on one of the branches was quite brave and didn’t leave its position as we checked out angles around the tree. These blackbirds appear at the beginning of the summer and stay until the arrival of the rains. I remember quite a few holidays observing them through the windows of our small home. Tiny as they are, they are quite brave and can chase away large ravens just for fun.

Post-processing of the image was done using Adobe Lightroom. I was playing with some of the preset effects and quite liked the output. After conversion to b&w I bronzed the image using a GIMP Duotone script.

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