Take me home

Off late, my son has caught on a love for pets. Sadly, as no one is at home from 7AM to 3PM, it is not practical to have a pet at home. Some time ago he found  a stray cat looking weak and tired without food. The cat had somehow found shelter at the basement of our apartment block. The air-conditioning in the building should have given some respite from the summer heat. The cat was sleeping comfortably on a table and wouldn’t budge under any amount of noise or threat. My son waited patiently until it woke up from its slumber. For this achievement alone I could have got the cat home. He then got some milk from the refrigerator, warmed it lightly, poured it in a small plastic bowl and offered it to the cat. The cat drank the milk and felt much better. They both started playing together for some time. I was hoping that the cat would be gone the next morning. Nope. It was right there waiting for someone to offer something. By evening, there was a variety of snacks on the table and the cat was being treated regally by everyone in the block.

A few days later we couldn’t see the cat anywhere. The housekeeping and pollution-control guys had chased away the cat and cleaned up the mess. My son has to mourn its loss and it took some time to forget it. Here it is with its adorable eyes chasing the camera!

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