The long day ahead

It was a Friday four weeks ago, just a shade past lunch-time here in Doha. The summer was just about to start with the final few days of bearable middays in play. I had to go to the Souq (Arabic name for a market place) to give away a couple of chicks (baby chicken!!) to the pet shop. The shops were yet to open and the shopkeepers had just started arriving.

Souq Wakif is a must-visit spot in Qatar. It is one of the markets that was designed to evoke the 1950s and the 60s. The buildings reflect the Qatari architecture of that bygone era. The lanes are quite narrow with tightly packed shops. The signage is all hand-written and retro-looking, made in a particular shade of royal blue. There are no motorized carts in the market. It’s all wheelbarrows! The retro charm pulls quite a crowd and it gets pretty interesting in the weekends. It’s a fantastic place to spend a lazy evening.

As I ambled through the empty lanes I noticed these two gentlemen taking a quick nap in the afternoon sun, waiting for the shops to open a little later. Maybe it was the food. Maybe it was the still-pleasant afternoon sun. Maybe it was a tiring morning manning the shops. I guess it was a little bit of everything.

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