Hard at work

P1050624-3-blog That’s my son hard at work trying to forge a sword from a sheet of paper! I think Panasonic made a grave mistake not improving the LC1 to a 10 megapixel shooter. Though I do not use it much, every time I shoot something, I am amazed at the quality. It never fails to bring a smile while looking at the snaps.

The shutter of the LC1 is extraordinarily silent, making the GH1 sound like a gunshot. The JPEGs out of the camera have a crisp look. I guess the lens is a true Leica. I own the Leica 25mm F/1.4 for the GH1 that is made in Japan, and it doesn’t come anywhere close to this one. Maybe the difference is that the tripods I use for the GH1 are not up to speed, or maybe my handholding technique is faulty. Overall, the LC1 is so perfectly done, that Panasonic & Leica only have to up the sensor to 10 Megapixels. Just throw in a new sensor and update the circuitry. I guess the processors have more than quadrupled in speed to make this a trivial.

The snap has a grainy look because I pushed the ISO to 400 by underexposing by two stops at ISO 100. Not really necessary, but I was just lazy to wade into the menu to change the ISO.


As I was writing this post, I felt compelled to shoot another snap. I shot this requesting my son to stand next to the window. This has now become my standard technique. Ask someone to stand facing the light from a window, ensuring that the sun is not directly outside  Then, shoot!!

Conversion to B&W is using Lightroom.

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