The Air-show in Al Khor


Landing, Qatar 2011.

Last weekend was the annual air-show weekend. The show, I guess, was not held last year. Every year pilots belonging to the Qatar Flying Club entertain visitors by performing formation flying (a little bit) as well as a few maneuvers in the sky. This year was no exception.


Take-off In the middle of nowhere, Qatar 2011.

They even took interested volunteers for a spin in the sky. This didn’t work as planned, though. Someone started registering volunteers and the numbers quickly ran into the hundreds. After half-a-day waiting and witnessing scores of people taking to the skies, we were really thrilled. Some of our friends didn’t want to fly, seeing the swaying of the planes in the sky. Then came the announcement on the PA system that the waiting list has moved to number 4!! Incredulous. Odd luck. The list was probably being processed in the reverse order and we had missed our turn. After waiting for some time we chose to move on.

The guys from the Museum of Flight, Seattle, Washington were fabulous. They kept the children entertained and informed on the basics of flight and robotics. The kids really enjoyed the show and were found really absorbed with the robotic kits at hand.

Next year we are planning to visit the show and try our hand in the free-fly-in. Again!

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