A New Year. A New Theme.


Up Close, Qatar 2012.

I have been using the old theme for the past year and its use has been a mixed bag. The theme looked very good but the images showed up pretty hazy initially. Later when I analyzed the problem, I realized that the theme was resizing my images and that was the root cause of the problem. I then started resizing the images manually and the images looked sharp. Only that the width was just 490px. I didn’t worry too much initially but some of the images, particularly the landscape-oriented ones, were too small to reveal details. I was postponing the transition for the fear of resizing all old images. Today I decided to upgrade the theme, without worrying too much about the older posts. One of these days I will update the blog with larger images.

The above image was shot at the Doha Trade Fair, held in the first week of January. It is an annual  shopping festival where traders, predominantly from the MENA region, showcase their wares. This year saw a great influx of Chinese shops selling cheap wares at a handsome margin. The outside of the fair saw as much action as the inside, where local buyers were haggling on the price with Chinese vendors, a losing battle that doesn’t even start. I am yet to see anyone outsmart the Chinese, post-WWII, ever since Mao set up shop. The circus clowns were entertaining everyone throwing flames and walking on stilettos taller than ones found in any runway. I thought the guy was just about to fall. He was merely entertaining the official cameraman.

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