A Fine Balance


A few days ago I was taking a stroll on the corniche, camera in hand, and saw the Burj Qatar balancing this ramrod-thin light saber on its head! I got back to the car to get the tripod and got a clean shot after a few tries. The one building I absolutely hate on the Doha skyline is the Doha Bank Headquarters. It is a decent-looking building but the lighting is way over the top and overshadows everything else. When you want to get a good shot of the corniche, the Doha Bank always turns out with blown highlights.

It is also generally a bad idea to design your headquarters in the shape of your logo. You can’t change your logo even if you want to! If some hacker group takes your online banking site to the cleaners and you get involved in an unwanted scandal you may want to reinvent yourself with a complete coat of rebranding. No. Your past would never leave you and haunt you in the form of your headquarters!!

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