Avenue strewn with flowers


I started this blog just to post b&w images and my thoughts about those images. For a while I have been resisting requests from my friends to post some of my color images. Today I decided to do just that. From now on my blog will feature color images as well.

I am in Chennai and last weekend I ventured out to shoot some images from the streets. The summer is on and the temperatures soar to 35C during the day. It will soon soar to 40-45C in a month’s time. Add to that the omnipresent high humidity and you know how life is in this city. Chennai has always been the ‘intellectual capital’ of India and has been well industrialized, but it is no Mumbai. Thank God for that. The city was considered spacious mixing a little bit of modernity and history. Colonial history, that is. The explosion of industrialization in the last few decades has led to extreme congestion, power cuts, pollution, lack of quality water supply, and a rising sky line that is neither aesthetic nor functional. The city looks like one massive slum. Real estate rates are comparable to that of New York!! There should be some rationale when you plunk your money down an apartment. The system reeks of corruption, and you can get run over by cars and buses plying every other way irrespective of some of the avenues being open for one-way traffic only. And when you get run over, rest assured the offending vehicle will get away with just a slap on the wrist.

Annanagar, a suburban locality of Chennai, was conceived and developed in the 80’s as a modern township with large avenues and residential properties with some breathing space around. The locality became one of the most sought-after address in Chennai. Fast forward three decades and today it retains none of the advantages it used to have. Every avenue is a rolling stretch of shops. The roads are strewn with cars and bikes parked in haphazard manner. Every time I visit the city I cringe a little. Someone told me that new apartments cost $250 per sq. ft. For what?? For some white space in a cow-shed of a city?

With all this running amok in my brain I took a short morning walk and clicked this snap on 6th Avenue. It might be the only stretch in Annanagar with a semblance of an avenue.

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