Frolicking on the beach


Marina, March 2012, Chennai, India

One morning, during the recent visit to India I had the fortune of taking all the kids to the beach. It was six rowdy kids and one hapless uncle. The rules of engagement, for the trip, was that there was no dip in the water permitted. The beach in Chennai is notoriously dirty. The cool breeze and the inviting water was too much. The cleanliness of the beach has improved tremendously.

I remember one fateful evening, many many years ago. Some of my medicine classmates would remember that evening pretty well. The results of the ENT/Ophthalmology semester were out and the results were the worst our batch has ever seen. The failure rate was extremely high and many big heads rolled. The mood in the hostel was very somber and by evening we had to do something. The sight of growing-up men crying is not a great sight. We all went to the beach and had a fantastic evening. Everyone got in to the water and as it got late we were all shivering with cold. We didn’t want to get back to the hostel. Reluctantly we pulled ourselves out of the water and reached the hostel. Later, as the final semesters arrived, some of our batch mates would try to run away from the exams. We had to have a vigilante group manning the gates of the hostel to spot the guys who were trying to run away from the exams. Then a lightning squad would visit the hapless guy and get him out of the bus, back to the hostel, after a lot of cajoling. Then these guys would pass the final exams with such ease they would laugh wildly when someone reminds them of the incident.


Frolicking on the Marina, March 2012, Chennai, India

These kids were having a great time playing on the beach and after a while, seeing me busy taking pictures, wanted to have their photos taken. The kids in Chennai are very friendly and usually love to have their pictures taken. They then posed for me and I tried to capture an image while they were not posing!

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