Race day!


Race Day, Losail, Qatar 2012

The 2012 season of the MotoGP tour started in earnest last Sunday. The Losail track in Qatar has been hosting the ‘MotoGP of Qatar’ since 2004. For the last few years this race has been the inaugural race of the season. The tickets to the race was increased to QR 200 from the usual QR 100. The result was quite easy to see. Attendance was down and seating was available till the end of the race. Last year was an absolute sellout and standing space-only.

Jorge Lorenzo became only the forth man to win the Grand Prix. Except for the inaugural year in 2004, the race has been monopolized by Rossi and Stoner. Ever since Stoner hit the tracks, the Qatar GP has been dominated by him except for the one year when he crashed out in the lead. Even this year, he was in complete control until he developed arm pump and fell back, hanging on to 3rd place letting a dogged Lorenzo take the lead.

The race ended close to midnight and it was time to go home. By then the last man racing was neither Lorenzo nor Stoner. It was not even the dogged Rossi. Looks like a new champ is in the making and he is on the right track!!

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