Flower Photography


The bright bunch, Qatar, May 2012.

Indulged in some flower photography last night. The flowers were lit with a small torch made by my daughter for her science experiment. Just a battery and a bulb connected with a thin copper wire. I had to handhold the three things in place. To get minimal shadows, I moved the light around. The exposure time was long (few seconds) since the light was pretty dim. It helped to spread the light around and get even illumination with minimal shadows. Conversion to bw was in Lightroom. I really like the tonal signature of the image. By the way, the image was shot using a Zeiss Contax G Sonnar 90/2.8 mounted on the Olympus OMD.


This is a macro view of one of the flowers. I used a macro extender to get the shot. The lens used was a Minolta Rokkor 50/1.4. On the OMD it becomes a 100mm/1.4. Great for portraits.

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