Sunset in Simaisma


Simaisma Sunset, May 2012, Qatar

Simaisma is one sleepy village/town in Qatar. Located on the east coast of the peninsula, the town is very popular for the crab hunting in season. The hunters arm themselves with just a battery-operated torch and a thin spear and wade in the shallow waters during high tide. The hunting happens mostly at dusk when the crabs crawl under the shallow waters. The setting sun lit the bush with a warm light and the mostly gray summer sky showed a little bit of color before sunset. The temperature is still climbing and am not sure where it will end this year.

2 thoughts on “Sunset in Simaisma

    1. Hi Marcus,
      Thanks for your comments. I went to Simaisma during the last lunar eclipse to shoot the moon (I’ll post the image of the moon one of these days). The place was completely dark and you could see tiny flickering spotlights everywhere in the water. All crab hunters. It is a fantastic view, when you see the crab hunters and the rising moon.


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