Beginning of the end of tiki-taka


Mom, What’s for dinner?

Watching the Spain-Portugal semifinal of the Euro 2012 and match has a very lazy start. Looks like both the teams are having a late evening siesta. This has been the most boring Euro tournament I have ever seen. Extremely predictable performance from every team. The Dutch, as always, flattered to deceive. They are my perennial favorite since the days of Ruud Gullit, Frank Rijkaard and Marco Van Basten, even though the current team seems to be no relation to any Dutch team of the past.

When the football gods decided to bless Spain with the beautiful passing game and the relatively-gentlemen players to play it, they also condemned Spain to be put up with Sergio Ramos. There are some players who should never be permitted on the pitch and Ramos should be the first one. At the least he should be issued a yellow card in the very first minute. That will keep his anti-social defending at bay.

Is this the end of the beautiful game for Spain? Spain seems to be missing David Villa more than anyone else. Absolutely no creativity at the front. And Portugal seem to be missing Ronaldo. Portugal seems to have found an effective way to elegantly neutralize the tiki-taka of Spain. Mourinho would be watching this game more closely than anyone else.

Feeling too lazy to transfer and edit my camera phone pictures on the PC. Pixlr-o-matic comes to the rescue. It is fun to use and has got some nifty effects. Trying to save a full-size image after editing failed though. Had to kill the app and save a smaller image.

2 thoughts on “Beginning of the end of tiki-taka

    1. Hi Marc, As I kept watching the match yesterday, that was exactly my thoughts. This was the most elegant dismemberment of Spanish football I have seen so far. One moment of brilliance from Ronaldo would have sealed it for the Portuguese. Alas, it never happened. He had some great chances and lost it all. He didn’t look comfortable walking out of that tunnel yesterday.

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