Lily in the living room


In the living room, Doha 2012

I shot this Lily in the living room of my friend under fluorescent lights, handheld. The Olympus OM-D is such a magical camera, you can get decent shots in almost no light, especially coupled with the Leica 25/1.4. My Panasonic GH1 is collecting dust, it should be one really depressed camera. Sometimes I feel sorry for my cameras that do not leave the shelf. Processing was in Lightroom with the chiaroscuro effect accentuated by curve adjustments.

6 thoughts on “Lily in the living room

    1. Yes Beth. That photo turned out allright. In a way when I did the painting, I thought it also as a bit of memory. Like flowers we leave between pages that turn brown. Nobody leaves a Lily between pages. It is too large. A large lily that is pressed and turns brown between the pages, but is green outside (part of it is out of the book) would be an interesting idea to explore.

  1. I think you should explore the concept more and think of doing a series. And stick to burnt sienna for the same and bring in the cracked feel for the background like your fern picture. Think it might work really well!

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