Aida at Katara


Desolate Aida, Doha, 18th October, 2012

I went to the opening night of the opera Aida with family and most of my work colleagues. Photography was discouraged at the venue(in fact prohibited) and I just managed a few shots, mostly during the end of an Act or during the intermission. My Olympus OMD has a well-damped near-silent shutter, but it still sounded like a train crash. The opera was not staged indoors in the Katara Opera House, the venue would simply run out of space for the ambitious sets. It was staged in the Amphitheatre. Except for the occasional drone of the landing planes, the venue lived up to the play. I couldn’t image the opera performed on a Friday in the Amphitheatre. There is a plane landing every 10 minutes and Katara is almost in the middle of the air corridor!

The above image is an extreme crop. The OMD lives up to its resolution promise and the Leica 25mm delivered outstanding sharpness. The spotlight blew the highlights (it was I who blew the highlights by not noticing and adjusting the exposure). I managed to salvage something in Lightroom by switching to b&w.

About the performance? We thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Aida was performed by Lucrezia Garcia. The audience saved its biggest shouts for Ambrogio Maestri, who played the role of Aida’s dad, Amonasro.

One thought on “Aida at Katara

  1. For the image its is very dramatic. There were many pics loaded in FB. Check them out. Do put up your experience on Katara Blog.

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