Opening of the Outdoor Art Fair

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Opening after the rains, Doha, December 2012

The Katara Outdoor Art Fair opened to great fanfare a few days ago. It is a great opportunity for upcoming and even established artists to firm up their presence in the community. We have been meeting an endless stream of art lovers who are passionate about art. Paintings in particular.

The much vaunted rains dampened our spirits since it also cut the visitors. The above image is that of a fellow artist (Canon Major Leaguer) trying to reopen the art fair after the rains. The rains had shut the doors tight and even with a little help from his friend, he couldn’t open the fair.

To say the Art Fair has been a life changing event wouldn’t be too much off the mark. In fact, it could be right on target. There is a moment when you realize you could have accidentally stepped out of your dream. Like an apple fanboy receiving an invitation to Macworld, including first-class return fare, topped with a magical hotel package, and a guaranteed front row seat. The question is, when you see a fork in the road, do you take it?

I just finished a painting. I am probably going to get trashed by my fellow artists. They would probably debar me from painting, for life. Maybe I won’t show it to them.

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