Makeshift Bowling Alley


Bowling, anyone? Chennai, December 2012

Went to a birthday party yesterday. The old Chola Sheraton hotel in Chennai has moved to a new location and we were all a little skeptical about the new place. The original building has the history of having hosted Mahatma Gandhi in its early days. Gandhi was not a man of luxury, so it doesn’t throw any new insight on the place. Just that the really old place was a comfortable location worthy of hosting national leaders. Recalling that the mahatma stayed there for a night is a marketing goldmine. The new hotel had a nice décor with indoor fountains and a large curving staircase leading to the mezzanine. And is huge. It is a fantastic place to get a family photo, even if your family was as large as the Kardashians. I think it works, but only time will tell. This is not a hotel review. I felt the place looked a little too dim. I also feel that all the good hotels have dim and warm lighting. Works well for human skin tones. Everyone looks glowing and spotless. This also has the benefit that pictures come out soft and blurry making the personal recollection a far better experience than that on the picture. Enter into a hotel and the low contrast lighting challenges the new-age mirrorless cameras.

My son, as usual, was jumping around with a balloon in his hand. I noticed the ledge of a fountain having a nice angle with strong diagonals. The background lighting worked well to throw a nice silhouette.

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