Magnum Photography Workshop


Hmmm. The week passed by slowly and I remember every minute of the evenings. I was lucky to be part of Magnum Photography’s workshop in Qatar. No one needs introduction to Magnum. If you haven’t heard of Magnum, I am not going to say a word. It’s time to put your browser to good use.

My guide was the renowned Magnum Photographer Nikos Economopoulos. He is Greek (you should have guessed by his name) and has a warm demeanor. He is so much fun to work with and it was a great pleasure to be mentored by him. The focus of the workshop was the development of a strong visual language and how to put elements in a picture that is visually relevant and interesting.

The above picture is one that I shot for the workshop and Nikos helped edit. Thanks Nikos for this wonderful opportunity and taking us under your wings.

2 thoughts on “Magnum Photography Workshop

  1. I’m attending the Magnum Workshop in Sydney in May 2013 and really looking forward to it! I will be working with Ian Berry. It is amazing to be so connected to the history of our craft – Ian was invited to join Magnum by Henri Cartier-Bresson himself!
    Great shot above – excellent juxtaposition of age and direction of travel!

  2. Hi Marcus,
    Thanks for your comments. Each Magnum photographer has a different style and way of working. Nikos likes a visual style. he likes images that have a visual impact. he likes the shape of the legs in the above image. They were reflecting each other.

    The workshop will be a great experience. Hang on to every moment spent with Ian. Checkout his portfolio on the Magnum site and get to grips with his style. It would help.

    Write back your experience and post your site URL here.


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