Colors of Qatar


Fanar, February 2013, Doha, Qatar

I was driving to a South Indian hotel in Doha and the traffic was a snarl. Some days are really bad in Qatar. Luckily I had my camera at hand. I started shooting images whenever I had to wait for the traffic to move and was rewarded by some of the most colorful images in Qatar.


The Doha Tower, February 2013, Qatar

The Doha Tower is a remarkable building and won the ‘best tall building in Middle East and Africa’ award a year ago. It is a landmark on the Doha skyline and can’t be missed in the night. The lighting is phenomenal.


Yellow on Blue, Doha, Qatar

Blue seems to the favorite these days among the numerous builders in Qatar. Many of the boundary facades of building sites are donned in blue these days. It gives a nice contrast to the brightly colored construction equipment, particularly in the night time when the pitch-black sky brings all the colors out.

2 thoughts on “Colors of Qatar

  1. Hi Lydia,
    Thanks for your comments. The freshness was serendipity than anything else. The car windshield threw colorful flare and the slight moving traffic provided the right amount of blur. I just happened to have the camera and notice the contrasting colors.


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