Fly-past in slo-mo


The winter sale, Doha

Early mornings, if you could call 7 am as early morning, are getting pretty special for photography in Qatar. No, not the kind of photography where you do a recon trip a day ahead and go out for the proper shoot the next day. I prefer to shoot through the window of a car. My photography-on-foot is usually reserved for shooting people. Winter time, for however short it was, is a pretty special time in Qatar. The light is great at dawn and dusk. It is a magical time for people who want to shoot the desert.


Not so raven, Doha

One of my friend was manning the support car for the amateur riders from Qatar and the middle east who were providing some support for the Tour of Qatar, the annual cycling event. I got out of bed and went to support him early in the morning. I didn’t really support him, which would have meant driving to Sealine and back. That was some fun I really missed. Once the riders left to the Sealine beach resort (that was the destination before they have their lunch and return back before the professional riders) I got around exploring Al Bidda Park. It is a family park and this is Qatar, so no surprises here. Only a flock of pigeons doing a fly-past in slo-mo.


After the race, Doha

The finish for the race was great. Its a shame that I didn’t stick around to see the finish of the Tour. The amateurs did a great job. In fact they are having it more difficult than the pros. They have to share the road with the Land Cruisers like anyone else. That should be the most terrifying thought for a cyclist.

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