Sports Day In Doha


Bed of flowers, Katara, February 2013

Qatar has declared February 12th as the National Sports day and the city gears up to celebrate in style. It’s a national holiday. All the major parks have sports events for the family. The events range from the mundane like running to pretty exciting like rock climbing. The cultural village held some amazing events for the day and was full of people having a good time. The weather was nice and pleasant. At the end of the day, the sun lit the sky in a brilliant hue of pinkish red.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Victor Bologan, Doha, 12th February, 2013

I wandered around the Amphitheatre and noticed some hectic activity. Lots of tables were being arranged in a neat square and chess boards were being installed, complete with clocks. A simultaneous tournament was being arranged. Grand Master Victor Bologan was playing all comers. I signed up for the match and waited for the event to start. The event started soon.  It all went great for some time. One mistake and there was no looking back. It all went downhill from there. When I shook his hand in resignation, he still cheered as if I was a great champion. Need to brush up my chess moves.

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