A selection of recent images


Playing with my dhow, Doha, April 2013

I have been mostly shooting a Fuji X-E1 with a Zeiss Biogon 35/2 and a Leica Elmar-M 50/2.8 these days. It has taken a while to get used to the manual lenses on the Fuji. Shooting long distance objects and expansive landscapes with these lenses is a dream. Just turn the focus ring all the way to infinity and you are good to go. The camera becomes one super high quality point and shoot.


The Blue Pipe, Doha, March 2013


Some time ago I made an early morning trip to Simaisma to take some pics of the sunrise. It was cloudy and the sun was not visible until it came high up on the sky. I started focusing on the fishing scene and the rocks on the fishing strip.


Simaisma is a good location to shoot sunrise and moonrise images in Qatar. It is midway between Doha and the town of Al Khor, so you can avoid the glow of the city lights.


Mangroves of Simaisma, Simaisma, April 2013

Simaisma is home to a tiny strip of mangroves. It is not as impressive as the mangroves in the northern coast near Ruwais. The tracks of a four-wheel drive running diagonally across the marsh caught my eyes and I took this shot. The Fuji delivers pin-sharp images. The X-E1 needs a lot of work in Lightroom to bring the images up for presentation.


Whenever I go out in the evening I take my trusty Olympus EM5. It never fails to deliver when mated with the Leica 25/1.4. It is a killer combination for fast shooting. Just that the combo is a little heavy.


Over the wall, Doha, March 2013

This little hamster almost made its daring attempt to escape from the glass well in Souq Waqif. The pet tender noticed the attempt just in time and got it back into the well.


I was shooting at the Museum of Islamic Art to capture some images for my new project β€˜100 Views of the MIA’. You can checkout the project at its own website www.100viewsofmia.com. There was a glorious sunset in the background and I shot this image of the old harbor. Post processing in Lightroom involved a preset filter for the Kodachrome 64. The simulated colors of the emulsion are out of this world. I would always regret that I was unable to shoot this film although I lived during its time.


Photographers, Doha, April 2013

The MIA was teeming with photographers. It has become one of the favorite spots in Qatar for tourists and photography enthusiasts.


This snap is from the Food festival I covered last month. The performances by Doha Jazz and other visiting dance troupes was entertaining. Doha Jazz are going from strength to strength on the back of their first studio album.


Fishing is a favorite hobby of Qatari residents.


New couch and new colors. The bean bags are pretty comfy to slouch in the evenings.

My verdict on the Fuji and M-mount lenses? It is pretty easy to pick those images from this selection. They have a distinct look that is very sharp. Looks like this is going to be my kit for the years to come.

7 thoughts on “A selection of recent images

  1. Over the Wall is brilliant! The hamster’s state is quiet a pity.. Especially the 35 QAR tag is sad! That one moment of escape is beautifully captured!
    Mangroves of Simaisma reminds me of the Chinese painting article.. would be interesting to render the work in oils or ink.. The rocks on the fishing strip also looks quiet painterly..

    1. The ‘Mangroves of Simaisma’ is one of my personal favorites. It draws attention to just a tiny detail, the track, with everything else providing a fillip. Most of the Japanese and Chinese work I like, just as you mentioned, do the same thing. They portray a serene atmosphere with a tiny quirk. It’s a little bit like meditation.

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