Streets of Qatar


Qatar is a country raring to grow as fast as it can. Every time I visit a locality after a few months, as a resident, I notice that the landscape has changed. Old buildings are routinely torn down and new buildings come up. The building above should once have been an important landmark in the locality. The arches and the detailing of the terrace rails are beautiful.


East meets East, Doha, April 2013

Everything is a group activity when you live together away from family, including accessing an ATM!


Snake in the street, Doha, April 2013

I hope this open wire is not live! Not that I wanted to test it. I found it interesting that the electrician at work has neatly twisted the strands and left it standing so that it will not touch anything.


A Breather, Doha, April 2013

It was a Friday morning and the guys were early to work, waiting anxiously for the outlet to open.

5 thoughts on “Streets of Qatar

  1. simply excellent and wish u a very eventful time ahead.


    Mansoor Alam Electronics & Navigation Engineer Doha International Airport Doha , Qatar


  2. East meets east is quiet an interesting capture! I am sure Nikos would love it and be real proud of you!

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