Jazz on the Corniche


All that Jazz, Doha, April 2013

Friday was an all-day at the MIA Park. The weather was beautiful. It was a glorious break from the hot early summer days. The whole weekend in fact was cool and cloudy. There were mild intermittent showers. In fact it was as if the clock was set back and the winter was lingering on gingerly. We (family) spent the whole day lazing on the MIA hills. It was when we picked up our lunch from the cafe that we learned that Jazz at the Lincoln Center, NY are playing in the evening. The ensemble in fact has now a residence in Doha and plays at the St. Regis. I had to rush back home to change for the evening. We were just in time for the performance.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Jazz at the Lincoln Center, Doha, MIA Park, April 2013

The evening was pleasant, highlighted by a fabulous performance by the ensemble.


Full Blast, MIA Park, April 2013


Learning from the master himself, MIA Park, April 2013


Killing me softly, MIA Park, April 2013

They did play ‘Killing me softly with his song’, one of my all time favorites. The number has been covered by numerous artists but my favorite rendition still remains the one by Roberta Flack. It is amazing that she sang it for the first time in September, 1972, a little more than 40 years ago!!


Rushing back home, MIA Park, April 2013

Jazz or not, Qatar always has a long night. Particularly during the weekends.

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