Another rainy day in Doha

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Another rainy day and a welcome drop in the temperature. I have been wanting to shoot this tree for some time. One earlier attempt didn’t result in good pictures as the day was gray and dull. I missed the winter time to shoot this tree against a wall of fog. As I drove by, after another shopping run, the rains came unannounced. Took the u-turn and exactly 20 seconds before I arrived at the tree, the rains stopped. Now I am waiting for a dust storm to provide the background cover and make the walls of the nearby compound vanish!

2 thoughts on “Another rainy day in Doha

  1. Good one…
    You have build your expertise in monochrome….
    Great job…
    You tempt me to buy a camera and hunt for locations…

    1. Hi Cheenu,
      Thanks for visiting. I am happy you like the pics. I post a lot of monochrome images here.

      I remember your Yashica SLR. Great memories. I had one of your fireworks pic you sent as a Diwali greeting once. Should have lost it in the constant shuffling of homes.


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