An evening in the MIA Park


The Cafeteria Queue, MIA Park, May 2013

I made a quick visit to the MIA Park with friends. One bailed out and one was not in the mood to shoot. So it was two of us shooting for the evening.


Evening Prayers, MIA Park, May 2013


The Great Gatsby, MIA Park, May 2013

You can’t dream to setup these colors if you planned a shoot.


Under the shade, MIA Park, May 2013

The family should have setup camp while it was still sweltering in the evening. The light was challenging and I was shooting with the Fuji X-E1, which doesn’t have the image stabilization of my trusty Olympus. With the Olympus this would have been a breeze. The Fuji rewards you with way better noise signature at high ISO and crisper files. Can’t wait for the just released Zeiss Touit 32mm lens. That would make my X-E1 into a single lens camera!

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