Villa-Lobos pays a visit to the MIA


Qatar Philharmonic Octet, MIA, June 2013

The Qatar Philharmonic is playing deep into the summer for the second year in a row. Usually, the season closes by the end of April and you have to wait until October for the music season to start. Thankfully, some gears have moved and the season is much longer. The longer season also means a more variable repertoire. Not just the most popular mix, though I could unashamedly say that there are some popular compositions, like Swan Lake, that I could listen continuously if that is the only music played.


I am a big fan of the MIA architecture and every time I visit the place it never ceases to amaze me.


*Can you see the chimp in the seats?, MIA, June 2013

The repertoire for the evening was Grieg and Villas-Lobos. It was a moving performance (many in the audience were visibly moved). At one stage I stopped photographing and started enjoying the music.



The conductor, MIA, June 2013

Every performance needs a conductor, even if it chamber music played by an octet. Thankfully, the conductor made his presence very clear from the first row.


The tired conductor, MIA, June 2013

After a while the conductor was visibly tired and desperately wanted to get back home.


Adios, MIA, June 2013

The performance ended to a raucous reception.


The Martin Parr moment, MIA, June 2013

I am a big fan of Martin Parr ever since I attended his photography workshop in Katara in March. He has an eye for the mundane but brilliant moments of life where everything goes to plan and suddenly, magic, an angle emerges in his photographic eye that makes you question what is happening. This image still doesn’t have the depth of his pictures. I am getting there!


The party is over, MIA, June 2013

More details about the program here: (

* ‘To Chimp’ means to look at the preview of your photos on the camera to confirm if the image you just took looks all right.

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