Quick test of the Carl Zeiss Touit 32/1.8


I have been itching to get my hands on a Leica system for a long time now. Looking back, for the amount of money I have spent on camera gear, I could have bought the Leica system. The big question is, would I have been happy with it? Difficult to say. Part of the thrill is actually in upgrading the system as technology moves on. Digital technology is continuously breaking new ground that all bets are off after a few weeks’ time. The Leica digital M system clearly proves it. The M8 was heralded as a breakthrough camera for the Leicaphiles when it came. But when the M9 broke cover, the M8 became a poor cousin that very few wanted to be associated with. When the M240 came, reviewers talk about the M9 being a ISO-limited cousin.

The smart money is always on investing in great lenses and keeping the bodies at arms length. Once in a while a great body arrives, like the Olympus OM-D, that ticks all the boxes and you do not have to upgrade for a long time. Otherwise, the lens is where all the magic happens. And in this digital world, lets be clear about one thing. Anything digital is going to improve in a matter of months making the older one obsolete.

The Carl Zeiss Touit 32mm F/1.8 lens for the Fuji X system seems to me a game changer for relaxed photographers who like the rangefinder-styled Fuji bodies but are a little skeptical about Fuji lenses. I haven’t shot Fuji glass so I have no direct experience. From what I have seen on the Internet, Fuji seems to be making fantastic lenses. Not just today, but for a long time.

The above is a quick portrait to test the lens. It was shot RAW and processed in LR5. It has all the elements of Zeiss magic – sharp, pleasing bokeh, outstanding color and contrast. The lens is fast to focus and very well balanced when mounted on the camera. Looking forward to another year of distraction-free image-making. I am planning to write a more thorough analysis of my OM-D to Fuji X-E1 transition.

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