Super Moon in Doha

_DSF3195 The North East wing of the Villagio Mall that was closed down due to the tragic fire accident finally opened last weekend. The courts punished the owners and managers of the mall with harsh jail time and other penalties. The government has really tightened up fire safety regulations that extend to cover existing establishments as well.


The scream, Doha, June 2013


Super moon, Doha, June 2013

Yesterday night was the super moon of the year, when the moon is on its perigee (closest to earth) on a full moon day. The moon goes around the earth once in 28 days, so technically it is closest to the earth once during this time. Only once in about 13 months, it is closest on a full moon day. Thankfully the dust storms had all settled down a few days ago and we had a clear view.

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