Genesis by Sebastio Salgado


Boats on the Doha Corniche, 2013

The tome of outstanding black and white pictures from the remotest parts of our earth, by Sebastio Salgado was lying untouched for the better part of three weeks since I wanted some protected time to look at the images. Today turned out to be that day. The book makes one go out and shoot some honest black and white images. I turned to Lightroom and converted one of my old images to a toned image.

The book is ridiculously great. Probably one of the greatest collection of modern monochrome images. Reminds you something like the cream of National Geographic in gorgeous black and white that only Salgado can deliver. I have seen a selection of his Magnum images when his work was exhibited in the Qatar Photographic Society a few years ago. The book is in a completely different vein, just showcasing the subliminal marvel of earth.

It is a ‘must buy’ even if you don’t like photography. I bought the standard edition, not the limited edition runs in larger formats. Just a pity that Taschen hasn’t mentioned the edition number anywhere (or maybe I should look more carefully).

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