Images from the streets


Kind of evening school, Prague, Summer 2013


Gingerly  dropping a coin, Prague, Summer 2013

The kid was so afraid of the girl in costume, she needed a lot of encouragement from her mom and stepped slowly and dropped a coin gingerly into the till. Once done, she bolted back to her mom.


Before the pond runs dry, Tamilnadu, India, August 2013

Luckily this year the rain Gods have been kind on Tamilnadu, so far. It was heartening to see the streams, canals, rivers and all kind of water reservoirs full of water.


I”m calling the Police!, Munich, Summer 2013


Superman in Budapest, Budapest, Summer 2013

Budapest is a little uptight about its sense of fashion even in the sweltering heat and Superman felt a little out of place. The people in Budapest are so kind in helping the tourists.

2 thoughts on “Images from the streets

    1. It’s one of the shots I had some time to plan. I saw the man walk in to the pond with two pots and knew he would turn back with his two hands full. Luckily there were no one nearby causing any ripples in the pond. I walked down the steps and got the shot I wanted. Later I realized there were stripes all over – pots, water, and also his shirt.

      It is sad that water is running out all over the world. 😦

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