Doha Primary School for Youth, Salata, Doha


A week ago I got a call from my friend, Abdulla, that he has got something interesting to show. I was intrigued as he is not a big gear head. He is quite happy with his 5D-Mark III and the inseparable 24-70/2.8 bolted tightly to the front.


His prep school! It was one of the earliest schools in Doha and was wound down many years ago. Now the building was going to be demolished and he requested me to accompany him, to take some pictures of the school campus before it was razed to the ground to give way, hopefully, to a new school.


Mealtime is over!, Doha, September, 2013

Rubble was strewn all over the place and numerous different groups had taken possession of the campus.


I can’t take any more of this abuse!, Doha, September 2013

One room was designated as the toilet and we couldn’t get to 10 feet within that room. The stench was unbearable. All this when the original toilets stayed unused and abandoned. Why bother walking all the way to the end of the campus when one of the old staff room is handy?




Clean Bowled!, Doha, September, 2013

The playgrounds were being put to good use by the South Asian expats. Cricket, being the most popular sport of the subcontinent, took half of the playground and the rest was shared by football and volleyball.



The rooms were glass galore, all coming from the windows and the doors.


And some keys too! Not that anyone required keys to the vast halls and numerous rooms, all filled with filth and decay.


The chemistry lab had been abandoned with utensils all arranged on the bench. Maybe as part of some last experiment.


What amazed us was the luxurious thick coats of paint. They have dried up and neatly lifted, displaying the number of times a fresh coat was applied. The older (inner) layers tended to be colored plaster while the later layers seemed to be paint.


After the bath, Doha, September, 2013

The ravages of time had neatly transformed a fallen bunch of electrical wires into a study in abstract!


The school was also home to a few cats, of which one was bold enough to pose for an environmental portrait!


Although the layout of the building was unmistakably a school, nothing proves it like paperwork!


There is no e=mc2! This teaching chart shows where the priority was, and rightly so.


The D12 breadline, Doha, September, 2013

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