Postcards from India – Winter 2013

Great photographers from all around the world descend on India to capture the beauty of chaos and the wild colors that is the signature of the country. My involvement in photography deepened when I started working in Qatar five years ago and every visit to India is eagerly awaited.


Not quite finished!, Mamallapuram, India, 2013

This year, I had the opportunity to revisit some of my favorite places again. Mamallapuram and the numerous beaches along the coast between Chennai and Mamallapuram has always been a favorite to relax during the weekends.


A short break, Mamallapuram, India 2013


It’s all elephants in India, Mamallapuram, India 2013

The magnificent shore temple and whole temples carved out of boulders are the main attractions of Mamallapuram. The sublime relief works on the face of a hill called “Arjuna’s Penance” is probably some of the best works of art in India and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The relief stands right next to a road and I can’t imagine the damage a fast bus or car running berserk on that street can cause!! Traffic should be completely cut from that street. The above image is just a tenth of the whole panel.


Caught texting!, Mamallapuram, India 2013


Atlas shrugged, Mamallapuram, India 2013

There is this huge rock on Mamallapuram that is shaped neatly like a huge oval blob. It lies on the slope of a hill. It should not be forgotten that Krishna was the chariot driver for Arjuna. Hence the name Krishna’s Butterball for the rock.


Passers by, Mamallapuram, India 2013


King of the hill, Mamallapuram, India 2013


A walk by the seashore, Mamallapuram, India 2013


Monsoon rush, Chennai, India 2013

Monsoon is eagerly anticipated in India. Great showers and a very wet and miserable monsoon means adequate water supply all around the year. A miss would mean queuing up for water during the crunch days, usually summer. It is a marvel of modern technology and planning that Chennai still doesn’t have potable drinking water in the taps that one can safely drink.


The world’s smallest bull ring, Chennai, India 2013



The roads of India are never short of drama. There is so much happening all around that one should be very alert to capture moments that pass by in a flash.


One of the places I visited was Shravanabelagola, in Karnataka. It is home to the largest monolithic sculpture in India that of Gomateswara, located on the top of a hill.


Text break, Shravanabelagola, India 2013





Street Vendor, Mysore, India 2013




Shooting a pic is quite an adventure in Mysore. Our guide is trying to take a pic of us in front of the Daria Daulat Bagh, Srirangapatnam.


Scoot, Mamallapuram, India 2013

I took a walk along the beach one morning and this girl was walking with her dad. Suddenly she broke into a sprint and ran past me as a wave approached. I took one quick shot, panning her as she ran. It was a lucky shot and the image turned out all right. The image turned out to be the best shot of the holiday.

4 thoughts on “Postcards from India – Winter 2013

    1. Good to hear about the time your son spent with the sculptor. Mamallapuram is a beautiful place and relics are an example of India’s best art.

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