Al Jumail & Zubara


Low tide on Al Jumail Beach, Qatar, November 2013

Made a short trip to Fort Zubara, a small heritage site; and Al Jumail, an abandoned fishing hamlet on the north west coast of Qatar last weekend. The weather was absolutely brilliant after the short rainy spells.


Al Jumail, Qatar, November 2013

Al Jumail is a small hamlet, easily covered within 5 minutes on foot. For a moment one can image life here in the sixties and earlier when drinking water had to be stored from the scant rains. It is still a surprise that the lanes are wide enough for a SUV. Heritage or not, Qataris do drive their SUVs everywhere. It might have something to so with the rare sea snakes washed ashore when the tide goes out.


Weekend, Fort Zubara, Qatar, November 2013

It is a pity that the Zubara fort is under renovation for over four years.


All the way from Japan, Fort Zubara, Qatar, November 2013

The Japs (or is it Chinese?) are funny wherever they go. At least they don’t scribble on the walls of a pyramid.

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