Qatar National Day – 2


National Day Fireworks, Doha, 2013

One perk of living on the fourth floor with no tall building between you and the Corniche is to watch the National Day fireworks at the comfort of your balcony. A cool breeze was blowing and I remember the fiasco two years ago when a strong wind blew all the smoke around and the fireworks appeared to happen behind a thick cloud. No such issues this year.


National Day Fireworks, Doha, 2013

The fireworks were rescheduled in the last minute to happen at 10:00 PM rather than the traditional slot early in the night. This created a logistics nightmare to many of our friends who couldn’t get back home in time as some of the roads were either closed to traffic or were just chocked bumper to bumper.


Going for a stroll along the Corniche, Doha, 2013

The morning after the National day was glorious with a cool breeze and a golden sunrise. The pigeons seemed to be enjoying the early morning as much as the revelers in the Corniche.


Reflections, Doha, 2013


The weather was very comfortable and kids were having a great day since parents didn’t have to smother them in sunscreen or under a blanket of warm clothing.


The stalls installed for the National Day celebrations were all abandoned for the day. It will be one more day before they are disassembled and packed off.


Katara Amphitheatre, Doha, 2013

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