Last shoot with my Leica M-E


And God sent me lunch!, Wakra Port, Qatar, April 2014

Yesterday was one of the saddest days of my street photography life. My favorite camera, the Leica M-E that I take everytime I go out to shoot on the streets and my Summilux 50/1.4, which is probably the best ever lens made for the 35mm format were crushed cruelly in a freak incident. The pics in this post were two of the last ones I shot.


Feeling a little fishy, Wakra Port, Qatar, April 2014

I, generally, am not a big believer in gear that improves photography and sometimes feel funny when someone talks about being inspired by camera gear. After 9 months with my Leica I can now say that gear does exist that inspires and helps you become a better street photographer. And the Leica M series will be God-sent if you want to venture into street photography.

I am working on another long-term review of my Leica for street photography and so will rest all my arguments for that post. But in a single phrase, the Leica M-series is the best ever camera made for street photography. I don’t need to talk about lenses when talking about the M-series because I do not think there are bad lenses made for this series, but yet, the Summilux 50/1.4 may be the best ever lens made for street photography.

7 thoughts on “Last shoot with my Leica M-E

  1. So Sad to know about your Camera…I can imagine the agony. The street shots you posted were classic and well captured. We should meet sometime soon and have a photo walk together.

    1. Hi Nina,
      I now fall back to my backup camera – the Fuji X-E1. As much as it takes great pictures, nothing beats the Leica on the streets. It’s the simplicity of the lens setup. Set it to zone focus (5 – meters to infinity) and aim and click away. Concentrate on framing the image and not on the focus points. There is also absolutely no lag.

      Waiting for an answer from Leica on what they can possibly do. Fingers crossed!


  2. Hi Mo Han, I just read your article. Can you tell me how your camera got crushed….must be a catastrophic incident as the M body is very solid.

    Als0, are you using a M now?

    I have several M bodies and usually use the MP240 for street photography. If you are in Hk we can do some shoots together.

    Am on FB so we can link up.


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