Florence Diaries. Day-1


After almost three years of planning, finally I am here in Florence to take up the Studio Arts Canter International’s black & white photography summer program. It is a course dedicated to film photography.


I had a brief stopover in Frankfurt. Coming from 50 C and the rising humidity of Doha, rain was a welcome change. Romer square was yet to rise and the Chinese tourists were some of the first people to arrive.


Subways are always a great place to shoot pics that looks ambiguous.


When it comes to great food and a relaxed but very business-like atmosphere in an airport, nothing beats Frankfurt for me.


Florence! For a change the city managed to bring the child out of someone (outside of Disney).


The colors of the Ponte Vecchio during sunset and sunrise will never cease to amaze you.


This mezzo was belting out popular arias, one after the other. Being a performing artist is tough. If you don’t bridge that final 1% and miss the throw of dice (luck), however good you are it is a challenging life.

That’s it for today. See you all tomorrow.

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