Florence Diaries. Day-3.


Day three and I decided not to travel to any nearby city as I had to visit the art school. Had a light day with minimal travel on foot. The art school will issue all students with a museum pass valid for one whole year. I’ll do all the museum visits after I get the pass. It means ‘Birth of Venus’ has to wait for a few more days. It also means I’ll not have to wait in long queues.



San Lorenzo is the family church of the Medici family. You have to get in to see that the church and the surrounding family property (sacristy etc.) are embellished by none other than Brunelleschi and Michelangelo himself. The staircase by Michelangelo to the library is probably the most meticulously done short staircase in the world. The church crypts also hold the remains of Donatello.


Modern day artisans of Ponte Vecchio are more green.




Il Porcellino knows a way of two to keep people enthralled. L1000539

Are there superhumans? After seeing some of the works of Michelangelo this is the only thought in your mind. Lucky us that he lived to a ripe age of 89 in those days ravaged by diseases that had no medicines. He must have been superhuman!

4 thoughts on “Florence Diaries. Day-3.

    1. That’s great to know. Florence is worth visiting for many things – art, food, people-watching, shopping. Please visit and you won’t regret.

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