Florence Diaries. Day-6.


The pink parade

Florence is one unending runway with colorful and departures happening continuously.


This is pigeon country and some of the birds need all the tender attention.


Under David’s protection.

I found these two birds under the the protection of the mighty David.




Japanese tourists are some of the most characterful ones I have ever seen. I have never been disappointed by Japanese tourists in giving me good pictures. The Chinese are not so helpful.


Curiosity starts at a young age.


There are some scary places in Florence. You would only expect that in a proper medieval city. There is this scary place right in the center of the city. You got to take a long steep walk to get there.


Fiat is back to its old days when parts would drop off the car in random.


France vs. Germany FIFA World Cup 2014 Quarter Finals.

I don’t have to say who won the match.

2 thoughts on “Florence Diaries. Day-6.

    1. Yes. That’s what caught my eyes. Thanks for checking out. I am posting pics everyday from my month-long visit to Florence. Send more comments. That keeps me going.

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