Florence Diaries. Day-11.


It looks like I am having a bit of an upper-respiratory infection. Looks minor in the sense I am not bed-ridden and writing in pain and fever. Hope to get well in a few days.


Dogs with nappies on the road are cool. This one was having a go at its mate!


The square popularly known as ‘Il Porcelino’ becomes a dense leather-sales arcade in day and a proper square in the night. The St. Lorenzo market is another of this type that is crazy crowded in the day and back to its medieval days at night.


Light and shadows always play tricks in Florence.


Along the Arno

Last week was hot and humid. Luckily the rains turned up the wick and the temperatures dropped to manageable levels. It is now quite cool and sunny in the daytime. Not having to take four showers in a day is quite welcome.


Inside of the SACI Library.

I went to the Mercato Centrale foodcourt for dinner and to watch the FIFA world cup semifinals. The food as usual is first-class here. Luckily the seafood counter had something good – swordfish. What should have been a deserved regulation-time win for Argentina turned to a long 120-minute affair that ended in penalties, which Argentina won. All this because of a wrong offside call by the referee that denied Gonzalo Higuain his goal.

Another long day tomorrow with development and print work. Exciting day, nonetheless.

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