Florence Diaries. Day-20.


The Galleria dell’ Academia is where the famed David by Michaelangelo is displayed in Florence. The museum is also house to a large collection of plaster casts of some of the greatest sculptures in history. A walk in the hall and you’d know the great masters had a good knowledge of the human anatomy.


The pigeons in the streets of Firenze (as any other tourist city) are not afraid of humans and get quite close to people. Children have a great time chasing pigeons.


Nothing like sharing dinner with your loving brother. I once had a kebab with a friend on the streets of Firenze and I vowed never to have a kebab (called shawarma in other parts of the Arabian world) in Firenze. It ranks as the worst food I have had in Italy, ever!


A family enjoying its evening on the pavement playing cards (kinda obvious!).

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