Florence Diaries. Day-25.


For starters, couldn’t post any images in the last two days. I try and post images shot the same day and so couldn’t post since my work was focused entirely on black and white film. Some day I’ll scan those images when I am back in Doha.


Today I made the short trip to Montevarchi (near Arezzo) to visit Bottega Antonio Manta, the best print shop in Europe run by photographer and printer emeritus Antonio Manta (http://www.bottegamanta.com). Some of the Platinum/Palladium archival prints made by his workshop (bottega) are real pieces of art. You have to see them to believe them. The level of details available in the prints are unbelievable.


Shooting digital back in Firenze was fun. One of the points Antonio insisted on his documentary shoots was to always focus on the subject rather than using hyper-focal scales. I started giving it a try.


Some pets have all the fun all the time.


Firenze is a clean city but I wouldn’t advise this to anyone.



Street performers just show up from all over Europe. One day two music students just started singing and some of the onlookers started dropping coins!


Cool dads are always fun to have around.

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