Firenze to Doha


Celestial Reflections, Somewhere between Firenze & Frankfurt, 2014

The month-long visit to Firenze (Florence, Italy) finally came to an end on the 1st of August. After a quich hotel change and lack of sleep to make a last-minute trip around the city and packing, I barely had two hours of sleep before leaving to the airport at 4:00 AM. Thankfully I had two of my friends in tow, one in fact traveling in the same plane. I usually enjoy plane travel, but not the early morning ones that make no allocation for sleep.


Lufthansa was really bad that it reduced the baggage allowance to a puny 23kilos! I had to buy some extra allowance just to get my project work and other photography things through. After getting on the plane, I didn’t bother for the takeoff and quickly went to nap mode. The connecting flight to Frankfurt was a mere 90 minutes. Just after take-off I awoke and took a look through the window. What I saw took my breath away and along with it the sleep.


The perfect ealy morning light was illuminating the amazing landscape of northern Italy and southern Germany (one of this is true). I have never been more excited about taking pictures through the plane window.


Celestial River, Somewhere between Firenze and Frankfurt, 2014


The short trip proved to be one of the most visually amazing journeys I ever had. I was in a good mood to take a short trip to Frankfurt in the intervening three hours I had before my next flight. The Maine festival was in full flow and nobody was found in the Romer Square. I guess it was the effect of the previous long night. The stroll across the Main over the old bridge was almost solitary and amazing.

The flight from Frankfurt to Doha was very good because Lufthansa made an attempt to cater the passengers well. Decent food and attentive crew makes one unforgettable flight. Back to work tomorrow after two days to get over the Firenze hangover!

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