A Friday in the souq


The Souq Waqif in Doha can be a light and shadow show at the right time of the day. It has a rustic retro look that has been immaculately maintained by the government. It was even better a few years ago when the decision was made to let in some ‘current’ logos to be installed. Philips still maintains the old logo, a nice throwback touch.


The long corridors of the souq is all about linear patterns crowned with the islamic arch.


The numerous bell hops in the Souq (its a licensed job) also pose freely for the tourists.


Falcon trapping and hunting using them is almost a national pasttime for the Qataris. Falcons have their own passports and some of them cost upwards of a million quid!

Picture of the day


I made a quick stop at the Museum of Islamic Arts Park, Doha this Saturday trying to bide some time. The weekly art market was in full flow and a glorious sunset was bathing the city in a beautiful light.



The museum never ceases to amaze, as an extraordinary building on the shores of the city. I M Pei will be long remembered for giving an icon to this city.

The Curse of Florence!

L1001995It’s been three months since my visit to Florence, Italy, where I spent a month last summer attending a black & white film photography course from Studio Art Centers International. I shot non-stop on the streets of Florence using my film Zeiss-Ikon and digital Leica M-E for the whole of July. Florence was unusually cool for summer except for a few days when it was baking hot. The city looked even better than the last time I visited a couple of years ago.


In this past three months I haven’t touched my camera with the intention of actively seeking a photograph. This has never happened to me before, since I started taking pictures almost six years ago. I do not carry my camera every time I go out as I used to before. The feeling is not just restricted to photography. This distinct lack of interest pervades to almost everything I do. I do not feel the enthusiasm to dissect a menu and compile a meal to enjoy when I go out with friends and family. In fact I have reduced the number of times I go out with family and have altogether stopped going out with friends.

It feels like a giant void has been created inside me, by the people of Florence.

Call it the curse of Florence!






Experiments in Cyanotypes – 2


I continued with my experiments in printing Cyanotypes. Discovered that adding a bit of lemon juice (citric acid) to water in the first wash deepens in colors and increases the contrast.


The crossing, India, 2013

I tried printing on different papers and am yet to decide on a final paper to focus most of my work. I get a feeling that smooth watercolor paper that will not lose fibers while washing should work well.


Salzburg, 2013

I never realized that Cyanotypes can display delicate tones very well. This print was exposed in the evening sun. I also didn’t use lemon juice in the first wash.